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About Toyama

Toyama is a city located in the Hokuriku region of Japan on the coast of the Sea of Japan. It is known for its beautiful natural surroundings, with the Northern Alps to the north and the Tateyama mountain range to the south. Toyama is also home to the Toyama Bay, which is famous for its firefly squid that can be viewed in the bay during the winter months. In addition to its natural beauty and cultural history, Toyama is also known for its delicious food. Some local specialties include Toyama black ramen, a type of noodle dish made with a rich and flavorful soy-based broth, and Toyama's famous crab dishes, made with locally caught snow crabs. There are also many other delicious local dishes to try, including Toyama's sake, which has a long history of production in the region.
In addition to its natural beauty, Toyama is also a city with a rich cultural history. It was an important center for industry and trade during the Edo period and has played a significant role in the development of modern Japan. Today, Toyama is a hub for research and innovation, with a number of universities and research institutions located in the city.

Getting to Toyama

By Air

While Toyama Kitokito Airport currently offers no international flights, several ANA flights connect it to Tokyo’s Haneda airport every day. Various airlines offer connecting flights to Toyama in cooperation with ANA, so you may find good fares that take you to Toyama with just a quick layover in Haneda.

There, a bus connection brings you to the city in just 25 minutes, with a convenient stop close to the conference center and the nearby hotels.

By Train

The Hokuriku shinkansen connects Toyama to Tokyo with speed and comfort. Trains depart Tokyo approximately once per hour and take around two hours to reach Toyama. If you plan to spend some time in the Tokyo area before or after the conference, this may be the best option. We hope to see you at the lab tours that will be offered in the Tokyo area on Saturday (May 20) and Monday (May 22) following the events scheduled in Toyama!

 If you arrive at Narita airport, the Keisei Skyliner trains will take you to Ueno station, where you can board the shinkansen to Toyama. If you arrive in Haneda, both Tokyo station and Ueno station are good options to begin your journey.

The fare for the trains is approximately USD 100 per direction (JPY 12,550). If you are planning additional travel, you may consider the discount passes (e.g. JR Rail Pass, Hokuriku Arch Pass) that are available to foreign travelers.

Getting Around

Toyama is a modern city with a compact downtown area that is easy to navigate on foot or using the Portram light rail network. Throughout the day, trams typically depart every fifteen minutes. We recommend that you purchase a Suica or Pasmo prepaid IC card to conveniently pay for most public transport.

The Centram loop line connects Toyama station to Toyama International Conference Center, Grand Plaza, and also stops close to a number of nearby hotels that we have negotiated with for special conference attendee rates.

COVID-19 regulations and etiquette

Restrictions on entry into Japan have largely been lifted, but since these are outside of our control, please check the official information and be aware that requirements might change at any time.

Mitigation measures in Japan focus mainly on avoiding the “three Cs” of closed spaces, crowded areas, and close contact. Masks (mostly of the surgical type) are considered a polite everyday accessory and are almost universally worn in public spaces. They will be required at the conference center, and we’ll ask you to be considerate of the health of your fellow attendees.

Toyama International Conference Center

IFCS - EFTF 2023 will be held at Toyama International Conference Center, which is centrally located just south of Toyama Castle Ruins Park. The center is easily accessible in 7 minutes by “Centram” tram service from JR Toyama Station (right next to “Kokusai kaigijo-mae” stop) or a 15 minute walk from JR Toyama Station.