Frequency Control Awards


As in the past, we will be celebrating our colleagues’ contributions to the Time and Frequency community at the 2023 IFCS-EFTF Joint Conference with The Rabi Award, The Sawyer Award, and The Cady Award.  Please consider nominating one of our deserving colleagues for one of these awards.  The deadline is 21 January 2023.

The award descriptions and the nomination templates can be found at


EFTF Awards

Since 1993, EFTF also celebrates our fellow scientists with awards for their contributions to the field. These are the EFTF Award, the Young Scientist Award, and the Marcel Ecabert Award. Please consider a nomination for one or more of these awards.

A description of the criteria for the awards, as well as a list of the previous winners, is found at The nomination is open for everybody, both as a nominator and a nominee, and self-nominations are accepted. A scientist can however only receive each award once.

To nominate a candidate, please download and complete the template and email it to The deadline for nominations is 13 February 2023.